Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 Goals and a Look Back at 2012

Well last year I had grand plans, unfortunately looking back I managed to not get any of them done.  Mainly this came from changing priorities at work that led me down new voice and wireless paths.  I do still plan on getting through the CCNP R&S this year as my CCNA will expire in September unless I renew in some manner.  I did take the ROUTE exam this year and had a well earned fail, but I learned a lot from taking the test.  I know my weaknesses and how to better prepare this time.

So to regurgitate my goals from last year that are being carried over to this year...

  • Take and pass the ROUTE exam
  • Take and pass the TSHOOT exam
  • Take and pass the ARCH exam
  • Earn the CCNP R&S and CCDP certifications
  • Keep my office more organized (Yes this appears on my annual review annually.)
  • Learn Italian (someday I will go back and this time I'll be able to talk to my relatives)
  • Figure out how to grow and maintain grass in my back yard without making my dogs use hover boards (I do believe this is an impossible feat.)

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